Colorado's Top 20 Cooking Blogs

Good food is one of the most important and enjoyable things in life. And we salute the folks in Colorado who take their passion of cooking and eating good food to the internet. When foodies and culinary adventurers share their perspective on their blogs it acts to enlighten readers to how far food can be taken, and how much pleasure a palate can take.

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These guys help inspire people to spend more time in the kitchen and incite avid cooks to push the limits of deliciousness. While there are many more Colorado food and cooking blogs out there, we wanted to highlight some of the blogs that stand out. 

Visit their websites and enjoy their contributions to the culinary landscape of Colorado.




Barbara Kiebel has developed a lovely website devoted to food. She has an awesome index of recipes. And almost every recipe we read here makes us want to drop what we are doing, head to the grocery store and start cooking. Her comprehensive list of recipes is well organized and since they are hand selected and vetted, they are all high quality and helpful to refer to in the kitchen. Thanks Barbara!


Claire Walter's website covers Colorado's food scene and keeps us up to date on local delights that we would otherwise have possibly missed. This is the website we go to for great ideas on where to find something new, unique and tasty. Keep up the great work Claire!


Stephanie's blog is definitely sweet and salty! We love baking and so does Stephanie. Her comprehensive recipe index is always being updated. She really contributes to the betterment of mankind with great baking ideas. Her website shows great images and consistent cooking recipes. Thanks Stephanie!


Jessica O'Toole is a food and lifestyle stylist, photographer, and writer. We love her stunning photography of the food she cooks and bakes. Not only are the recipes very clear, her photographs that accompany each recipe are so appealing and actually quite inspirational. Jessica recently moved from Boulder to a wonderful corner of Ireland. Keep La Domestique going Jess, we love it!


Mike Avery is a master of bread, his website is full of recipes and resources to make baking bread in Colorado easier. If you have trouble baking at altitude, visit his site for more info, you'll be glad you did!


Master of food, Grace Boyle, has a masterpiece of a website that is not only geared towards cooking, but encompasses the whole culture of eating delicious food. When we visit her site, we are always updated on the latest happenings in Colorado's main centers of food. Her dining guide is also a very valuable resource, thank you very much Grace!


Angela Buchanan's blog is all about original and seasonal recipes and adventures in food. Her recipes focus on unprocessed, whole foods. We love it when people cook food from scratch and not only does Angela do that, but her recipes are original and categorized seasonally. Also, the photography on this food blog is fantastic!


Prana And Pie is appropriately called a Yogini's Quest for The Good Life. Cook and food enthusiast Laura Hobbs is an energetic and passionate foodie who puts it all on the table for us to enjoy. Whenever there is a dull moment and we need a spark, we can always find a great dinner recipe in Laura's recipe box, thanks Laura, keep up the awesome job!


Sara is a mother of 4 from Castle Rock. We came across her website earlier this year and found a wealth of tasty recipes. Because of her comprehensive index of tasty looking recipes we had to include her on the top 20 list. Not only does she have great baking recipes, the recipes she contributes encompass all meals and all palates. Thank you Sara!


Savory Table is a Denver food and recipe blog, but it is more than that. Karen Harris has contributed so much in the form of awesome recipes (she is a finalist in Pillsbury's 46th Bake-Off Contest with a delicious recipe: Bacon Corncakes with Warm Maple Cream). Since she is a great writer, her recipes are accompanied with exquisite directions that anyone can follow. Her photography is also excellent. Karen's contributions to the Colorado online food scene have earned her a spot as #10 in the Top 20 Colorado Cooking Blogs!


Kirsten's Kitchen in the Rockies has an awesome recipe collection. She had the sense to put all those recipes online for us all to enjoy. Focusing on German, French and American cuisine, our favorite part about this website is the the German cakes and sweets section. It's clear that Kirsten as a great taste for quality food and we applaud her efforts to share the best with us, thanks!


Michele Morris is an accomplished freelance food writer and food photographer that shares her culinary insights with the world at large. We enjoy her thoughtful recipes that are delightful to read through and especially tasty to try. We encourage everyone to pick up her new cookbook called Tasting Colorado!


Jen Yu has a fantastic website devoted to recipes and restaurant reviews. She has a great taste in food as exemplified in her websites recipes that walk you through each step. Her photography is another story altogether. Jen's accompanying photos are absolutely splendid to look at. It is clear to us that this cook and food enthusiast has the skills to bring to the table!


Megan Bucholz is a food blogger and avid cook. Not only does she share detailed recipes and take readers step by step through the recipe, she adds inspiring photographs that are helpful. Being food enthusiasts ourselves, we love learning new recipes and when we want to cook a vegetarian meal, this is where we go first, thanks Megan!


Bernadette Youngquist, the cooking artist not only has cultivated a fantastic recipe index, she also paints very creative works of art. Her website is the cumulation of an enthusiastic and creative passions and we want others to recognize it as well. Keep up on this great website Bernadette!


A passionate local food enthusiast Toni Dash's blog Boulder Localvore explores local seasonal food. What can be more relevant than that? Ok, her website has an awesome and thoughtful recipe box that she has shared with the world. Not only are the recipes completely clear, but her accompanying dialog and photos take each recipe to a higher standard. Thank you Toni for contributing to Colorado's blooming local food scene!


Wholesome mom is a blog devoted to wholesome food, parenting, and a wholesome life. Visit the website and enjoy this mom's vegetarian recipes. You will definitely find something yummy. What is nice about the Wholesome Mom is that each and every recipe is thoughtful and easy to follow with accompanying photos and care to detail.


Dulcie and Sarah are 2 friends in Colorado who love cooking and photography. Their website Two Tarts shares easy to follow and delicious recipes that feature seasonal, local ingredients. Their curated recipe box is remarkable because they cover a little of everything. Nothing beats a comprehensive recipe list that keeps growing. Thank you Sarah and Dulcie for helping make Colorado a better place to cook and eat!


Yes I Want Cake is obviously a website any baker would be interested in. This wonderful website features a great recipe index for all things sweet and features great imagery as well. Not only does this website cater to the foodie, it also has a fun section for parents who have toddlers. When you have a minute, cruise on over to and check out the latest and greatest from Yes I Want Cake!


Jane's website The Healthy Bee Hive is more than a recipe website, it is more about healthy living and wellbeing. This blog does feature an awesome and comprehensive set of recipes. Visit Jane's site and allow her to share some wonderful recipes for the sweeter things in life, you won't be dissapointed because the recipes are well written and the photography is gorgeous. Keep up the good work Jane!


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